Wisconsin State Fair 2014 Diorama


Its Wisconsin State Fair time! While the State Fair Diorama may not be Diorama Lady’s best work, it certainly gets the most “impressions”. For eleven days, fair goers will park their cars in adjacent parking lots and people’s lawns, walk past Diorama Lady’s house and take in her handiwork.

Some Questions they may ask…

  1. Is the girl on the left wearing 1 bunny slipper?
  2. What’s with the giant, cannibalistic lamb, bearing its incisors, ready to eat its brethren to the left?
  3. Why are both girls in a catatonic state, staring to the right? They look like they are about to point like Body Snatchers.

The ferris wheel on the far right has long been a staple of the State Fair Diorama. And speaking of staples, is that how she has these fair goers affixed to this ride? The action figure on the bottom looks like he is REALLY ready to get off – hopefully the clown-carnie working this deathtrap will oblige him with that, after his smoke.

If you go to the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair, make sure to take in the State Fair Diorama too!!!

Do you know where the Diorama House is located?
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